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Rules of the Club.

  1. Play will commence promptly at 7.0pm at Barwick. Members are asked to be seated 5 minutes before.
  2. Play will be conducted in accordance with E.B.U. rules, any clarification of which will be made by the T.D.
  3. In the event of any dispute, the T.D. should be asked for a decision.
  4. The T.D. will announce the timing of any interval. Play will re-commence at the time stated.
  5. The T.D. has the discretion to cancel any board.
  6. All entries on the BridgeMate or traveller should be made by NORTH and confirmed by EAST or WEST. Failure to do so may result in penalties for both pairs.
  7. Members must exercise care in replacing cards within the board.
  8. Members are requested to play with regard to all, and to restrict any discussion to a minimum.
  9. It is hoped that the conduct of all will be in line with the proprieties and etiquette of the game. It is felt these do not require written detail.
  10. Members should attend as pairs, or arrange a partner through a designated committee member.
  11. Members only shall be eligible for major prize competitions.
  12. Smokers must refrain from smoking in the club room, and avoid congestion in the corridors.
  13. Mobile phones should be turned off, or on silent, during play.
  14. Glasses should be returned to the bar and cups washed up.