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History of Garforth Bridge Club


Winter 1974/75
Bridge classes are held at Garforth Comprehensive school by Mr. Peter Caro.
July 7th 1975
( Letter sent by student of above course. )
'Dear sir,
I am one of a small group of bridge players in the Garforth area. We are seeking a venue to hold a weekly bridge club. Could you confirm the availability of a room at Ninelands lane school.
Mr. B.Rimmer.'
September 10th 1975
15 prospective members present at first meeting at Ninelands Lane school: B.Rimmer, A.Briscoe, H.Boddlill, Mrs J.Barstead, Mrs M.Stanton, Mrs G.Armitage, H.Breeze, Mrs G.Breeze, Miss Clarke, A.Reader, Mrs A.Reader, R.Rigby, J.Smith, Mrs J.Stanton, Mrs C.Vesty.
September 12th 1975
'Garforth bridge club (not class!) will meet September 17th, at Ninelands school (outside classroom). Please bring your own refreshments. (Rent 1.50 per hour).'
September 17th 1975
Subscription fees are 2 a quarter and 10p a visit. We are currently 6 in the black!
January 1976
Bridge venue now becomes common room at Croft Foulds Court, Church Lane Garforth. (Wednesday only - rental 3).
June 20th 1976
Croft Foulds Committee reduce rental to 1 due to falling numbers. As a temp. measure only half the room would be available.
September 15th 1976
The A.G.M. was attended by 14 members. Those present enjoyed an excellent 'FIRST BIRTHDAY' cake. Many thanks to Margaret Stanton. (Go to the top of the domestic science class Margaret!) Current membership 27.
December 6th 1976
Club balance 10. Quarterly club subscriptions 2. Table money 10p, visitors 20p
April 1977
Membership now 24. Venue becomes the Welfare Hall, (now Garforth Community Assocc.) Main St. Garforth. (5 members took EBU Membership).
July 1977
Margaret has brought a lovely daughter into the world and it is hoped that she will be as good a bridge player as her mother.
September 1978
The club became affiliated to the YCBA/EBU through the Leeds Association.
May 1979
Membership now 32. The club adopted the master points scheme. First Trophy introduced (the Handicap Cup). Winners Mike/Jackie Brennan.
September 29th 1979
Mike Turpin suggested a constitution be drawn up by the committee. Club fees would remain at 3, table fees 15p.
March 1980
The club is adopted by the YCBA as an association in its own right, as we have 25 members registered with the EBU.
September 1980
Membership now 40. The club enters the inter-cities league and are placed in the 3rd division. The club can now boasts 5 Masters and 11 club Masters.
October 1980
First ever club heat of a YCBA competition took place. Grand Prix and Premiership trophies introduced. B.Rimmer/H.Boddill winners of both.
December 10th 1980
The community Assoc. have increased rental from 2 to 6. As a result the table fees will be increased from 25p to 40p.
September 12th 1981
Meetings now held additionally on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at other venues, St.Mary's Church hall and the Colton Village Institute. The latter venue was used for the Sunday league fixtures.
September 16th 1981
Club constitution re-drawn up. Jean Barstead made reference to the rather one sided contribution made by the ladies at social events and appealed to the gentlemen to give a little more support on these occasions.
September 21st 1981
Agreement to abolish rules 4 and 5 requiring members to give prior notice of attendance or non attendance.!!!
January 27th 1982
Trevor Hargreaves and Bill Wilson score 78% in new Charity Trophy event.
February 1982
2 club members won the Yorkshire Simultaneous pairs; Brian Rimmer and Harry Boddill.
February 25th 1982
Concern was expressed at the increasing numbers attending on Wednesdays. It was agreed that we should not 'actively encourage' visitors. The secretary was asked to issue application forms to Mr and Mrs Varley when they had made a few more attendances.
May 20th 1982
The full committee had been accepted into membership of Garforth Country Club. Fees 75p for men and 5p for ladies. ( The secretary's motion that this be reported to the Equal Opportunities Board was defeated.) !
September 15th 1982
Treasurer reports a healthy balance of 165.75 and no increase in table fees recommended. Club now ranks (3 masters 3 county 6 local and 18 club masters).
March 1983
3 wins - 3 narrow defeats in Div.3 coming 3rd out of 7 teams. 15 members participated.
August 4th 1983
A trophy named the Hospice Trophy was purchased in remembrance of founder member Alec Reader.
January 1984
Membership is now 48 including 4 players of considerable experience, from whom the club has derived much benefit. Garforth achieved 4 wins in the inter cities leagues. A vast improvement since 1 draw in 1980/1981.
March 1984
Inaugural club Mixed Pairs trophy held - Won by Brian and Margaret.
July 19th 1984
Trevor Hargreaves attended a committee meeting having previously apologised for his absence. Even Arthur Scargill could not keep him away.
April 3rd 1985
Table fees increased to 75p members and 1 visitors.
May 1st 1985
Club moved to Garforth Mercury Hotel. In previous 10 years, 6 venues were used for external events. Mercury will now be our venue for all events.
May 16th 1985
The proposed idea of fielding a 2nd team in the league was abandoned due to lack of interest.
September 2nd 1985
The club intends to celebrate its 10th anniversary with its 1st one day open event. The Swiss Teams.
September 1985
Start of the club Individual Trophy a qualifier of the YCBA individual. Winner Margaret Stanton.
October 1985
Following a change of mind by the committee the club enters a second team in the county league.
March 1986
The newly entered 2nd team, Capt. Don Craven win 7 of 8 matches to win the division 8 trophy and promotion at the first attempt.
April 17th 1986
Brian remarked that lady T.D.s should be discouraged. ??? Jackie Brennan and Jean Brereton immediately objected. Informing the committee, that as soon as time allows, they would like to be considered for a place on the T.D. rota.
June 19th 1986
It was agreed that all Monday evenings be booked for the next few weeks as a trial. Fees would be 75p for members and 1 for visitors. Should the table numbers fall to below three over a two week period, Monday sessions will be cancelled.
July 14th 1986
Letter from Hilton 'Now that you are holding lessons on a Monday evening we have reserved the York room from Monday the 19th July and every Monday and Wednesday there after from 7pm to 10pm'. (Room hire 15 per night). A trophy for most improved player was also purchased named the Rimmer Cup. Winners Margaret and Phillip Brunt.
A record Wednesday attendance of 11.5 tables was achieved. The Mercury becomes the Ladbroke hotel. The hotel subsequently donated a trophy for our annual Swiss Teams event.
December 1st 1986
Jackie had noted that the old mortuary !! had fallen into disuse and wondered if the club might buy the premises. Jean to look into it !!
The club has 55 members( near 100% EBU)!. 10 sim. Pairs were held. A figure exceeding 300 was raised for various charities.
The Ladbroke Hotel becomes the Garforth National Hilton. 4 successive annual Swiss teams have now been held, attracting an average of 34 teams.
April 1988
5 founder members receive Honorary status and also receive certificates and plaques in recognition of service to the club. Brian Rimmer--Jean Barstead--Alistair Briscoe--Harry Boddill--and Christina Vesty. Margaret Stanton will hopefully receive the same recognition when 'she becomes of age.'
August 22nd 1988
A triangular teams match was arranged between Bramhope/ Hambleton/ Garforth.
March 15th 1989
Congratulations to John Hanson for coming second in the Yorkshire individual event.
April 13th 1989
Mondays declining table numbers averaging 4.25 prompt the committee to cancel play on May 1st (Bank Holiday). Matter to be reviewed at next meeting.
May 5th 1989
Club subscriptions are increased to 5.
3 members were in the top 6 places in the YCBA individual final. Wednesday meetings were now averaging 9 tables. A Garforth team reached the semi-final stage of the Yorkshire trophy. Monday became accepted as a second weekly club night. Club events were regularily mentioned in the Skyrack Express.
September 1989
Congratulations to Mary Fox and Brian Rimmer plus two visitors for winning the Garforth Swiss Teams event.
April 1st 1990
Constitution altered due to only 6 members applying for committee. (Item 5, line 1) amended to read 'and up to 4 other members'. Proposal to move Mondays to Fridays defeated.
May 1st 1991
Hilton rental increased to (Mon.18.50 Wed. 28.) Ladies / men's pairs Trophies introduced. Winners-Ladies Gay H/June V. Men Ted B/Peter W.
Table fees increased from 1 to 1.20. (Visitors 1.50). Garforth A team win promotion to division 5 after missing out on promotion the 3 previous years. Syd Lister and Jean Brereton achieved 75.4% at the Xmas handicap.
January 16th 1992
Jackie suggests purchasing bidding boxes. Brian suggested 2 sets. Committee decided they are too expensive.
April 1992
Table fees raised to 1.50 (2 visitors ). Membership now 63. Brian retires from the committee after 15 consecutive years and continues bridge courses at the Hilton. Our 10th trophy the Remembrance is dedicated to members who passed away whilst still members of the club. Winner Steve Hinch. Smoking saga continues. Now- no smoking on 3rd Wed. of month and also 2nd and 4th Mondays with 10 min. interval for smokers.
June 29th 1993
One set of bidding boxes purchased as trial. Kevin Hawkins and Martin White win Ripon Swiss Pairs. Brian and Mary Fox win Scarborough pairs.
August 26th 1993
1st Wetherby friendly (inter club team match) held.
October 17th 1993
A third team (C) captained by Royston Bond enters the YCBA league. Alma and Ted Bond join Brian as Tournament Masters. League fees increased (4.50 Home, 2.50 Away).
November 1993
President Gay Hartley receives the M.B.E. Also donates a trophy for the November Handicap (Mondays). Winners Alma Wolf / Mike Tilley.
December 1st.1993
Membership now 83. Table averages 7.83 (Mondays), 6.83(Wednesdays). Don Craven designs a new equipment box.
December 1993
A silver cup subscribed to by previous presidents Brian R. / Gay H. / Don C. / David A. / Christina V. / Jean B./ Alister B. and Jackie B. is purchased for presentation at the Xmas party. All previous and future Presidents names to be engraved on the trophy named the Presidents' Cup.
April 1994
2nd team under their captain Don Craven win promotion and the Yorkshire Bank Trophy. (winning 6 out of 7 matches.)
August 18th 1994
Garforth win Wetherby friendly team event.
September 1994
Ted becomes County Treasurer. A record of 42 tables at the 10th Annual Swiss Teams event.
October 1994
Announced that Garforth will provide a 4th team in the league to fulfil unexpected vacancy available in division 10.
November 1994
Hilton charges rise to 29.60 Mondays and 34.20 Wednesdays.
March 1995
Dennis Senior converts club records and results to computer format. Eric Batty designs a Velcro notice board.
April 1995
Membership reaches 89 (inc. 50 EBU members). Garforth bridge club becomes non smoking. (Proposed by Brian Rimmer and sec. by David Anderson - Both Smokers.!!! ) The A team under their captain Syd Lister gain promotion to Division 5 in the Yorkshire League.
June 24th 1995
Room hire increased by 40%. Rental will now be 45 on Mondays and Wednesdays.
August 8th 1995
More bidding boxes purchased to cover all club nights.
August 10th 1995
Following a proposal by Wetherby B.C. a wooden spoon was purchased for the annual teams event. Garforth were unfortunate to be the first recipients.
September 28th 1995
Brian starts a 3rd bridge night on Thursdays for improvers at Halliday Court, Main St. Garforth. Our Swiss Teams event was quoted as being the most successful 1 day event in Yorkshire by the YCBA Bulletin. The committee agrees to sponsor members wishing to attend Tournament Director courses.
October 1995
2 Silver salvers donated by Eric and Jean Brereton for presentation as Jackpot trophies on Mondays (winner S.Lister) and Wednesdays (winner K.Hawkins).
April 1996
21st AGM. Gay Hartley stands down after 3 years as President. Royston Bond takes over. Membership now 100. Table fees increased to 2. Don / Frank Liggins and Dennis produce new annual members diary. B team gain promotion to Division 7.
May 28th 1996
Suitable attire. A member has requested committee clarification on hot weather attire. The committee did not want to be strict on this matter, but concluded that shorts were not suitable in the evenings (unless female)!!.
August 13th 1996
Club announces entry of a 5th team in the league. Captains selected as follows:- A - Syd Lister, B - Don Craven, C - Royston Bond, D - Glyn Hall, E - John Barrett.
August 22nd 1996
The wooden spoon returns to Wetherby following successful result.
September 1996
The fifth team (E) plays its first match in the league. Profile of Garforth Bridge Club appears in the quarterly YCBA Bulletin relating the brief history of the club over the past 21 years. G.B.C.Anniversary pens are purchased for all club members.
November 1996
The search for new premises begins in earnest.
February 1997
New premier trophy purchased as 2 original shields are now fully engraved. Congratulations to Irene Rhodes and John Foster. Grade 1 winners at Northern Pairs.
March 1997
Jean steps down as swiss teams organiser following 12 years involvement throughout this event. Congratulations to Agnes Blewitt and Stan Collins who have been invited to represent Yorkshire. Also John Hanson and Derek Atkinson winners of the Chairman's Plate at the Yorkshire Congress.
April 1997
(A) team are promoted to division 4. Membership now 113 (inc. 74 EBU Members.)
June 1997
Irene-John, Agnes-Stan achieve 1st and 2nd at the invitational castle swiss pairs. Margaret gains second place at the Yorkshire Individual Final.
August 1997
Brian attains EBU teaching association proficiency award. The Wooden Spoon returns to Garforth. Team captains elected as follows: A - Syd. Lister, B - Ted Bond, C - Royston Bond, D - June Varley, E - Glyn Hall.
December 1997
New premises still ongoing. Royston Bond and Mike Jeal investigate various possibilities as follows: Parish Church-----Barwick Bowling Club-------Premises at Crossgates and Pease of Garforth.
January 1998
A quarterly newsletter (CHICANE ) is compiled and printed by Royston and Glyn Hall. A new club record of 16 tables occurs on a Monday evening.
July 9th 1998
Decided not to go ahead and field a 6th team in the league. Thursday nights is no longer classified as an improvers night.
December 1998
Membership has now reached 128.
October 1999
Cheryl Duddell and Syd Lister come top in the Yorkshire Children in Need event.
January 2000
As on Mondays and Wednesdays there is to be added a Thursday Jackpot Trophy. Winner Clive Davies.
July 2000
Cheryl and David Duddell win the Yorkshire Mixed Pairs.
September 2000
Cheryl oganised a surprise party at the Welfare Hall to celebrate Dons 70th Birthday. In recognition of his service to the club a new trophy was presented and named the Craven Teams Trophy. This to be played for annually as a club Teams Event. Winners C and D Duddell, Mary Fox and Brian.
September 2001
A record 44 Teams enter the Annual Garforth Swiss Teams.
November 12th 2001
First trial bridge evening held at Barwick Cricket Club. Followed by a second on Wednesday the 14th.
January 15th 2002
84% of members, are in agreement of move to Barwick Cricket Club following a canvas of opinion returned from all members.
March 14th 2002
Specific set of rules approved for annual Wetherby Friendly.
May 1st 2002
Barwick in Elmet Cricket Club becomes new venue for Garforth Bridge Club.
October 29th 2002
Projected subsidy required for forthcoming League matches 680. Membership now 123. Proposal to suspend new membership defeated.
January 28th 2003
Eric Batty and Frank Liggins set up a G.B.C. Website.
March 2003
A Team win promotion to division 3, captained by Cheryl.
April 2003
Congratulations to club member Glyn Hall, winner of Yorkshire Individual Title .
April 23rd 2003
Following retirement from second term of office as President, Don becomes an Honorary Life Member of the club.
June 6th 2004
Congratulations to Cheryl and Dave for winning the York Mount Trophy at the Yorkshire Congress.