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Awarded to the player with the highest average of the year (April to March), excluding special events such as Party nights, Simultaneous Pairs, qualifying events for external competitions and single events for which a club trophy is awarded. An attendance record over the competition period of 67% is required. Wednesday event. Minimum of 6 eligible players needed for the trophy to be awarded.

2016  John Kitteridge
2015  John Kitteridge
2014  John Crouch
2013  John Kitteridge
2013  John Hanson & John Kitteridge
2011  Cheryl & Dave Duddell
2010  John crouch & Kevin Hawkins
2009  John Hanson & John Kitteridge
2008  John Hanson & John Kitteridge
2007  Don Craven & John Kitteridge
2006  Cheryl & Dave Duddell
2005  Don Craven & John Kitteridge
2004  Alan Best & Kevin Hawkins
2003  Cheryl & Dave Duddell
2002  Alan Best & Kevin Hawkins
2001  Cheryl & Dave Duddell
2000  John Hanson & Derek Atkinson
1999  Mike Brennan & Eric Brereton
1998  John Hanson & Derek Atkinson
1997  Mike Brennan & Eric Brereton
1996  John Hanson & Derek Atkinson
1995  Brian Rimmer, Jackie Brennan, Mike Brennan, Eric Brereton
1994  Kevin Hawkins, Martin White, Ron Jackson, Jan Palka
1993  Kevin Hawkins, Martin White, Brian Rimmer, Jackie Brennan
1992  Syd Lister, Jackie Brennan, Derek Atkinson, Charles Gant
1991  Brian Rimmer, Mary Fox, Mike Brennan, Eric Brereton
1990  Mike Brennan, Eric Brereton, Jean Brereton, Jackie Brennan
1989  Brian Rimmer, Mary Fox, Trevor Hargreaves, Charles Gant
1988  Peter & Jean Wood, Trevor Hargreaves, Charles Gant
1987  Brian Rimmer, Mary Fox, Ron Jackson, Jack Roslington
1986  Brian Rimmer, Mary Fox, Mike Brennan, Eric Brereton
1985  Syd Lister, Brian Rimmer, Mary Fox
1984  Syd Lister, Brian Rimmer, Trevor Hargreaves, Bill Wilson
1983  Graham Fox, Mary Fox, Trevor Hargreaves, Bill Wilson
1982  Brian Rimmer, Harry Boddill, Trevor Hargreaves, Bill Wilson
1981  Brian Rimmer, Harry Boddill, Trevor Hargreaves, Barry Gill
1980  Brian Rimmer, Harry Boddill